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2019 Applications Due February 4th!

The Power of Diversity

We believe it is imperative that the advertising and public relations industries strategically address the gap in diversity among its staff and strive for a more inclusive and welcoming environment representative of all the voices, ideas, and perspectives of our global society.

The AdPR Academy is a solution to aid in this effort.

The ever-growing, global consumer market is more ethnically and culturally diverse with each generation. This means that the professionals and organizations that serve this market must truly reflect current and future generations but also be creatively nimble and innovative to build and sustain engagement with the global consumer market.

The diversity gap in advertising and public relations is wide! Whites comprise nearly 90% of public relations specialists employed in the U.S., according to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, the same data source reports that as of 2011 advertising, marketing and public relations jobs were held by a total of 8.7 percent African-Americans/Blacks, 7.3 percent Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders and 15.3 percent Hispanics/Latinos.

The AdPR Academy is a valuable professional development experience that will strengthen students’:

  • industry knowledge
  • professional skills
  • network of professional contacts

The AdPR Academy is designed to provide each participant with:

  • Over 35 hours of training by leading experts and professionals in the industry
  • Daily networking opportunities with corporate executives and agency professionals from highly regarded institutions in Atlanta and surrounding states
  • Hands-on experience producing a solution to a real-life challenge faced by advertising and public relations professionals
  • Certificate of completion from a nationally and internationally recognized and awarding-winning institution of higher education
  • Increased awareness of the field and connections to potential career opportunities

Please Note: Internships, jobs or shadowing experiences are not guaranteed by UGA, the Ad/PR program or AdPR Academy. However, the Academy is designed to afford participants the opportunity to establish and build relationships with professionals in the field to open the door to these and other potential career options.

Alumni Testimonials

Orlando Pimentel

Assistant Account Executive
Porter Novelli
2017 Alum

Orlando Pimentel is an an assistant account executive in the research department of Porter Novelli. At AdPR Academy 2017, Pimentel overcame his intimidation of speaking with industry professionals.

“The Academy helped me see just how much the professionals involved wanted to help us-- how much they wanted us to approach them with questions or comments. This got me more comfortable with reaching out to them,” said Pimentel. This newfound confidence paid off when he approached the research head of Porter Novelli during his internship-- a move that would later allow him to acquire the full time role he has now. “If you’re interested in specific work within the communications industry, find a role that will grant you exposure to that field as soon as possible. It can be a class, workshop, internship, volunteer opportunity, part-time job-- whatever it is, just find a way to get involved,” said Pimentel.

Neha Sinha

Associate Account Manager
Duncan Cannon
2017 Alum

After attending AdPR Academy in 2017, Neha Sinha completed an internship with Moxie and is now an associate account manager at Duncan Cannon in San Francisco. According to Sinha, AdPR Academy helped her get a fuller understanding of exactly what each department within advertising and public relations does and what the day to day jobs look like. With the help of AdPR Academy, she felt better prepared to go into the industry, but she still wants students in advertising and public relations to know it’s okay to feel lost at your first job.

“Get ready to re-learn everything you thought you knew about advertising. Nothing equates to working in a real office with real clients and real deadlines. A lot will not make sense until you have immersed yourself in your job and actively made an effort to learn all the steps that go into it. It’s a process that can take a few months, so be persistent,” said Sinha.

Kathleen Exantus

Weber Shandwick
2017 Alum

After attending AdPR Academy 2017, Kathleen Exantus was chosen as one of only 20 college graduates to be part of Verizon’s AdFellows program. She learned about the program from a Moxie HR Director during the Academy. “I didn’t major in advertising or public relations, and the Academy gave me the confidence and knowledge I needed to do well in this industry and take advantage of this opportunity,” said Exantus. She wants current students to know that the best way to get your foot in the door is experience.

“If you’re not able to get an internship, showcase your skills in creative ways like blogging or developing your own portfolio,” Exantus advised.

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2018 Keynote Speaker

Mee Kim 2018 Keynote Speaker at UGA ADPRAcademy

Inspiring words from our culmination event:

Soon Mee Kim, EVP and Global
Diversity and Inclusion Leader
Porter Novelli

"Be excellent!! And I am sorry to say it, in many cases you are still going to be what we call F.O.D. - First. Only. & Different. And there’s a certain thought about it, depending on the way that you think about it. It is a burden, or a responsibility or an honor. And I hope that you will choose to think of it more as an honor than anything else. Because already you, right now, are on the shoulders of people that have come before that have worked really hard, struggled and sacrificed. For the folks that are here in the room, there’s gonna be a time when people are also going to be standing on your shoulders. I hope that you will look at that with pride and honor, and something that is so important for your work.

You have such an important connection to others. I know that it is hard when you are always having to represent. I certainly know what that feels like. When you make mistakes, as you will, there’s a challenge because they're not just your mistakes, they’re mistakes for everyone that looks like you and that stinks! But the other side of that is this...when you succeed they’re not just your successes, they’re successes for everybody else that looks like you as well."


  • (2 weeks before) - Exploring Me

    Curious to discover your optimal career path in advertising or public relations? An online aptitude test will provide participants with insight into preferred communication career functions and work environment. The test will be administered the week of February 19, 2018.

  • Monday - Understanding the Possibilities

    There is a place where you can exercise creativity, innovation, and strategic thinking. Explore advertising and public relations career opportunities and discover where you fit based on aptitude test results.

  • Tuesday - Identifying the Solutions

    A campaign that seeks to solve a pressing business challenge for a corporation or nonprofit organization must be backed by a solid plan. This series of courses will guide students through the planning process with a focus on how to effectively determine goals and objectives, identify the target audience and explore the consumer journey.

  • Wednesday - Talking with Consumers

    What, why and how you resonate with consumers takes finesse. This course will outline the creative aspects of message development including “concepting”, writing techniques, and message creation.

  • Thursday - Reaching Consumers

    The toolbox for AdPR professionals provides a variety of options for how to connect with consumers. Which pathway makes the most sense – media, events, film, or social media and which will generate the most return on investment? This series of courses will expose participants to the paid-earned-shared and owned framework.

  • Friday - Engaging Consumers and Measuring Results

    Engaging consumers? In a world of Big Data, KPIs and scorecards, measurement and evaluation can’t be anecdotal or informal. How do you know if your campaign accomplished its intended goal?

  • Saturday - Celebrating Success

    You made it to the end of the week and now it is time to showcase what you have learned and to acknowledge what your team has accomplished. Participants will present their capstone projects to a panel of judges and top campaigns will be recognized at the celebration event.

Our 2019 Speakers

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Past Speakers


Join future AdPR leaders from Atlanta and across the southeast for UGA’s AdPR Academy.

March 11-16, 2019 at Moxie

The 2019 Application Process will open the week of January 7, 2019.

Applications are due February 4, 2019 at 6 p.m. EST.

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